The Travels of Ibn Battuta - A.D. 1325 - 1354
Translated, with revisions and notes from the Arabic text by C. Defrenery and B.R. Sanguinette, by H.A.R. GIBB

Born in Tangiers in 1304 Ibn Battuta began his extensive travels at the age of twenty-one, and over the next thirty years he visited Persia, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, India, China, Egypt, Sumatra, Spain and Ceylon. Known as "The Traveller of Islam" he travelled for its own sake in order to learn about unknown countries and new peoples. His only rule was 'never to travel any road a second time'. 

By kind permission of the Hakluyt Society we have reissued the first three volumes of The Travels of Ibn Battuta in a limited edition of 400 copies.

Volume I 288pp, 2 maps, 1 plate: North-west Africa, Egypt, Syria, Mecca
Volume II 262pp, 3 maps, 1 plate: southern Persia, Iraq, southern Arabia, east Africa, the Persian Gulf, Asia Minor, south Russia 

Each volume is bound in the blue cloth of the Hakluyt Society and blocked in gold in exactly the same style as the originals. The size is 215mm x 140mm. 30 per volume. REDUCED TO 10.00 per volume Order

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