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The Greeks and The Sea
An Anthology with Pictures
D.E.R. Isitt

And then he was the best of all things,
Greek –
no quality more precious has mankind:
what lies beyond only the gods may find.
Constantine Peter Cavafy

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There are more people travelling to Greece now than ever before and there are more people than ever before who are taking an interest in ancient Greece. It is only right that in this decade when the Olympic Games have come full circle – back to the country from where they originated – we should want to learn more about the cradle of civilization. 

Most Greeks, one way or another, have an affinity with the sea. Their writings, especially their poems, are steeped in it. All the ingredients of their turbulent and fascinating history can be traced to their experiences as a seafaring nation. 

This book is an anthology of Greek writing, poetry and prose, from the earliest times to the present day. David Isitt’s selection is accompanied by a brief commentary and there are some thirty chapters that illustrate and expand upon the literature selected. This however is no dry text. It is an attempt to convey the breadth and depth of the Greek way of life and their love affair with the sea.

The photographs, by the well-known photographers, Kathy Mansfield and Tom Isitt, are not there to illustrate the text. They are there in their own right because they are beautiful and evocative. A good photograph has the same power to evoke a response as a good poem has; a good photograph and an good poem together can be very good indeed.

176pp, softback, gloss laminate cover with flaps.
40 full page colour photographs.
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