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Erskine Press titles

Looking back and dropping names - Moray Watson £ 15
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Your questions answered - Frankie and John Campling £ 2.25
The Greeks and The Sea. An Anthology with Pictures - D.E.R. Isitt REDUCED TO £10.00
Living with Heroes. The Story of the Dam Busters - Harry Humphries REDUCED TO £10.00
From a Tramp’s Wallet – A Life of Douglas William Freshfield - Hervey Fisher REDUCED TO £10.00
A Wise Woman - A Memoir of Lavinia Mynors from her Diaries and Letters - Edited by Alethea Hayter REDUCED TO £10.00
A Patient's Guide to Hip & Knee Replacement - Orthopaedic Surgeon High Phillips, FRCS REDUCED TO £2.00
Eat to Beat Fatigue. Recipes for people with low energy - Jane Harries REDUCED TO £5.00
Taffy's War. The Story of Prisoner No 259175 - The Diary of Herbert Noel ‘Taffy’ Grimwood, as told to Irene Grimwood REDUCED TO £5.00
Sentimental Journey – Reminiscences of War – Martin Bowman REDUCED TO £10.00
Brother Egbert & The Carpenter of Willingford - Steve Eggleton REDUCED TO £5.00
Brother Egbert & The Digweed Treasure - Steve Eggleton REDUCED TO £5.00
Yoga. Simple stretches and postures for the less able - Eileen Oliver REDUCED TO £7.00

Antarctic titles

The South Polar Trail. The Log of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition by Ernest Mills Joyce.
With an introduction by Hugh Robert Mill and a new introduction by Beau Riffenburgh
£ 30.00
Two years below the horn Andrew Taylor. Edited and with an introduction by Stephen Haddelsey £ 37.50
8 Polar postcards £ 5.50
8 postcards featuring ships of the Antarctic £ 5.50
The Story of the Quest Comdr. Frank Wild, CBE £ 4
Antarctic Days, James Murray and George Marston (Facsimile) REDUCED TO £50.00
The Shackleton Letters - Behind the Scenes of the Nimrod Expedition
 - Regina W Daly
Printed paper case for The Shackleton Letters REDUCED TO £10.00
In the Teeth of the Wind – South through the Pole - Alain Hubert & Dixie Dansercoer REDUCED TO £10.00
Elephant Island and Beyond – The Life and Diaries of Thomas Orde Lees - John Thomson  REDUCED TO £15.00
The Wicked Mate - The Antarctic Diary of Victor Campbell - Edited by H.G.R. King  REDUCED TO £15.00
Trial by Ice - The Antarctic Journals of John King Davis REDUCED TO £15.00
8 Men in a Crate - The Ordeal of the Advance Party of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955–1957 - Anthea Arnold, Based on the diaries of Rainer Goldsmith REDUCED TO £10.00
With the Aurora in the Antarctic 1911–1914 - John K Davis. With a new introduction by Beau Riffenburgh REDUCED TO £17.50
Voyage of the Belgica - Fifteen Months in the Antarctic - Adrien de Gerlache REDUCED TO £20.00
The Ross Sea Shore Party – 1914-17 
R.W. Richards
South Georgia – Gateway to Antarctica
Ludwig Kohl-Larsen – Translated by William Barr
Towards the South Pole aboard the Français. The First French Expedition to the Antarctic, 1903-1905
J-B. Charcot
Ice Tracks – Today’s Heroic Age of Polar Adventure
Angie Butler
Climbing the Pole - Edmund Hillary and the Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-57
John Thomson
AURORA - Douglas Mawson and the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14.
Beau Riffenburgh
REDUCED TO £27.50 
The Nimrod Murders (HARD BACK)
Simon Beaufort
The Nimrod Murders (SOFT BACK)
Simon Beaufort
The Japanese South Polar Expedition 1910 –12 - A Record of Antarctica REDUCED TO £25.00
THE THIRD REICH IN ANTARCTICA The German Antarctic Expedition 1938-39
Cornelia Lüdecke and Colin Summerhayes
IN THE ARCTIC Tales Told at Tea Time
Frank Debenham Edited by Barbara Debenham
IN THE ANTARCTIC Stories of Scott’s Last Expedition
Frank Debenham With illustrations by Edward Wilson and the author
MERTZ AND I, The Antarctic Diary of Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis.
Edited by Allan Mornement & Beau Riffenburgh
THE CREVASSE A Critical response to FLAWS IN THE ICE
Karyn Maguire Bradford
ANTARCTICA Leaves from a diary kept on board an exploring vessel.
C. Reginald Ford

Archival Facsimiles

The Travels of Ibn Battuta - A.D. 1325 - 1354 - H.A.R. GIBB. Volume 1 REDUCED TO £10.00
The Travels of Ibn Battuta - A.D. 1325 - 1354 - H.A.R. GIBB. Volume 2 REDUCED TO £10.00

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